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About Tulum Ruins

Tulum Ruins Tours let you witness the glory of one of the last cities built by the Mayan Civilisation. Away from the modern life of Mexico, the ruins of Tulum take you back to the Mayan era between the 5-15th centuries. 80 miles from Cancun, you reach the ancient city of Tulum in an hour. The ruins possess Mayan architecture similar to that of the Puuc-styles. You can start your journey to explore the open-air ruins with various stone temples and structures. The most popular highlight of Tulum ruins is El Castillo, a long stair structure visible from the distance.

You can witness the Mayan ode to their gods in the form of carvings. The Temple Dios del Viento guards the sea entrance bay that presents you with the carvings of the Wind God of Mayans. Enter the Temple of Descending God to admire the journey of the Mayan Deity coming forth from the skies. You must head to the Temple of Frescoes to glare at the strange figurines engraved on the walls with strange paintings. The House of Columns lets you click wonderful photos across the ruins. You can move to the white pristine beach and turquoise waters across the Caribbean coastline for relaxing and indulging in snorkeling.

Select Your Tulum Ruins Tours

Tulum Skip the Line & Tequila Tasting

Skip the lines and make an entry with Tulum ruins tickets to explore the ancient Mayan city. Travel through the grounds of Tulum surrounded by stone walls and temples that face the white sand Mexican beaches and bluest waters. Witness the ancient carvings on the temples of the fortified city with the edges of limestone cliffs. You get to see the beautiful wall painting that depicts the Mayans and their deities. Be a spectator for the El Castillo building that was once a ceremonial hub and lighthouse of the ancient city. Furthermore, you can explore the beautiful Yucatan Coastline possessing serene beaches.

Tulum Ruins Early Access Private Tour

Start early access to private Tulum Ruins Tours to make a hassle-free entry. Reach early at the historical site to explore the ruins at your own pace in your private group tour. The early morning guided tour of Tulum narrates the history behind the construction of the city to enhance trade and religious ceremonies. Walk around the stone temples and try to understand the ancient carvings by the Mayans to please their deities. Witness the marvelous frescoes and houses of the columns. Spare some fun moments with your group at the Caribbean coastline with pristine white beaches and turquoise waters.

Tulum and Coba: Full-Day Archeological Tour with Lunch

Start your round-trip transfer from the hotel to head to the largest pyramid of Mexico- The Coba. Witness the magnificent pyramid of Coba with the beauty of ancient Mayan ruins. Travel to Cenote to enjoy a swimming session in the sacred waterhole of the Mayans. Take a break to eat a delicious meal for lunch before starting again. Begin your Tulum Ruins Tours to explore the Mayan stone temples with ancient carvings. Understand the history behind popular structures of Tulum like frescoes and houses of columns from your local guide. End your tour by heading back to the hotel.

Tulum Ruins Tour, Cenotes Tour & Snorkel at Tulum’s Reef

Enjoy the combo Tulum ruins tickets with snorkeling at Tulum’s Coral Reef, and swimming in Ancient Caves of the Cenotes. Get an early morning pick-up from the hotel and transfer to the ancient city of Tulum. Explore the stone temples and witness the ancient Mayan carvings in Tulum. Head to Tulum Beach to enjoy the activity of snorkeling. Post the fun activity, leave for Cenotes Park. Take a guided tour of Cenote Park and swing in the ancient caves. Try out snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the caves. After enjoying fully at Cenote Park, you can eat the buffet lunch to transfer back to the hotel.

Why Should You Choose Us to Book the Tulum Ruins Tour?

  • For Tight-Budget

If you are on a tight budget, you can buy combo tickets for Tulum Mayan Ruins Tour and Dos Cenotes. The combo tour offers you loads of discounts with utmost enjoyment and sightseeing while exploring Tulum and Dos Ojos Cenote. The guide is available as part of the most affordable experience.

  • Understand the Mayans better

The local guide tells you about the history, facts, and significance of each monument you pass by. The guide is fluent in English and Spanish, enough to make you understand the intelligent Mayan Civilisation. The guide narrates fascinating tales, and folklore to generate curiosity in your heart as you explore the stone temples of the ruins.

  • Beyond Tulum

If you want much more than Tulum Ruins Tours, you can check out nearby sites like Coba Pyramid, Cenote Park and Dos Ojos Cenote. You can enjoy snorkeling at the white beautiful beaches near the ruins and swimming in caves at Cenotes.

Most Popular Ruins in Tulum

Temple of the Descending God

The Tulum Ruins Tours take you inside the marvelous “Temple of the Descending God”. The single-room temple is designed in such a way that the carvings depict the Mayan God descending from the sky. One of the most prominent engravings shows an upside-down figure with a headdress and wings. The god is said to resemble the Mayan deity of the Bees.

The Temple of the Frescoes

The Temple of Frescoes is one of the most popular highlights of Tulum Ruins Tours as this place was once an astronomical observatory. Apart from being used for scientific purposes, the similar carvings to descending good temples on the walls showcase the history of being a place for worship. You can glare at the mural paintings and stucco figures.

El Castillo

With Tulum ruins tickets, you can explore the structure of El Castillo. Used as a landmark for sailors and traders, this place is visible as soon as you make the entry into the Tulum. El Castillo features long stairs and is said to be constructed in stages. Apart from the stairs, it encompasses a small shrine for canoes.

Templo Dios del Viento

If you start your Tulum Ruins Tours from the sea entrance bay, you witness the Temple Dios del Viento. The ancient temple was built by the Mayans to applaud the god of the winds, and storms. This temple was built with the belief of protecting Tulum from natural calamities.

Know Before You Book Tulum Ruins Tours

Essential Info
What to Wear
What to Pack
  • Explore the Tulum Ruins that date back to the 5th century AD of Mayan History.

  • Witness the mysterious engravings and paintings on the walls of stone temples.

  • Enter the Temple of the Descending God, The Temple of the Frescoes, and Templo Dios del Viento to know about the Mayan Civilisation.

  • Get amazed by the mesmerizing look of El Castillo.

  • Snorkel on the serene white beach with turquoise waters outside Tulum Ruins.

  • Best time:

    You must go on Tulum Mayan Ruins Tour between October to December. This is because the peninsula is cooler compared to other times of the year. Pleasant temperatures make swimming and exploration much more delightful.

  • Getting there:

    • By Cab/Taxi: You can take a cab/taxi from Cancun to reach Tulum ruins in about 1 hour 30 minutes covering 80 miles.
    • By Bus: You can access the ADO bus network from Cancun to reach Tulum.

You should wear lightweight and comfortable clothes as the Tulum Ruins Tours makes you explore the open-air ancient city that witnesses hot weather. You must wear sneakers or sports shoes as you have to walk a lot. Uncomfortable shoes and heavy clothing may hinder your exploration.

  • Try to swim in a secluded Cenote, as popular ones are super-crowded.

  • You can rent a bike to enjoy a ride on Tulum’s open roads.

  • Use Biodegradable supplies as the town struggles with waste management.

  • You can buy cheap food from Taco stands.

  • Buy souvenirs, and gifts from local shops.

  • Carry loads of sunscreen, sunglasses and beach towels.

  • Mexican currency cash- 20 pesos.

  • Bug spray.

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.

  • Loads of Water.

  • Swimsuit.

  • Beach Towel.

  • Flashlight with red beam.

  • SPF 45 chapstick or lip balm.

  • Hand sanitiser.

  • Printouts of all your bookings.

  • Spray-in hair detangler.

FAQ's of Tulum Ruins Tours

How to book a Tulum Ruins Tour online?

You can book Tulum Ruin Tour tickets anytime from the website. The online booking system lets you choose the date of your Mexican historical expedition. You can choose from a variety of combo tickets available on the website which can extend your tour up to Coba Pyramid and Cenote Park. The combo tickets offer you to avail loads of discounts that make your trip cost-effective. Moments after you book the tickets, you get a confirmation message for touring Tulum ruins.

What is the cost of the Tulum Ruins tour in Cancun?

The Tulum Ruins Trip for each person costs around 85+ Pesos.

What is the best Cancun to Tulum tour?

There are many variants and combo tickets for Tulum Ruins Tours but the best one is to visit the Coba pyramid.

What types of Cancun to Tulum tours are available?

There are guided tours and combo Tulum Ruins tickets like Tulum Skip the Line & Tequila Tasting, Tulum Ruins Early Access Private Tour, Tulum and Coba: Full-Day Archeological Tour with Lunch, and Tulum Ruins Tour, Cenotes Tour & Snorkel at Tulum’s Reef.

Who can avail of a discount on their Cancun to Tulum ruins tours?

You can avail of large discounts on combo tickets of Tulum Ruins Tours with Coba and Cenote Park. However, children aged 11-12 can avail of the most discount.

How long does it take to get to Tulum from Cancun?

It takes around 1 hour 30 minutes- 2 hours to reach Tulum from Cancun.

Is Tulum wheelchair-accessible?

Some parts of the Tulum Mayan Ruins Tour are not accessible by wheelchairs, but most of the hotels, and restaurants are accessible.

How much time do I need to explore the Tulum ruins?

You need a day to explore the ancient city of Tulum Ruins to understand the history and traditions of the Mayan Civilisation better.

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